The National Civil War Association, Inc. is a 501c3 educational corporation directed by two separate Boards.

One of these Boards is the Administrative Board which functions as a traditional Board of Directors. The Admin Board as it is called represents the NCWA in its dealings with outside entities such as event sites, schools, government agencies, insurance companies, etc. Members oversee the day to day operations necessary to a 501c3.

Members of the Admin Board also chair the various committees such as Event Planning, Finances, and Marketing.

All NCWA members in good standing are welcomed and encouraged to run for positions on the Administrative Board.

The current Administrative Board consists of President Skott Borello, Vice President Midirise Arnold, Treasurer Marcelo Pontin, and Secretary Paola Loupe.

President Skott Borello can be reached at (530)886-8822.

Secretary Paola Loupe can be reached at

The second Board is the Unit Board which oversees the accuracy of our historical impression, the creation and management of Units, and advises the Administrative Board on issues of importance to NCWA members.

The Unit Board consists of Union Colonel Nelson Snook, Confederate Colonel Robert Mayer (acting), Civilian Mayor Lynne Ashby, and representatives from each of the Units in the NCWA.

The Union and Confederate Colonels and Civilian Mayor are elected offices.  They are chosen by the members of their respective Brigades and Corps.

The two Boards meet together four times a year at a Combined Board meeting. The Administrative Board meets more often as need dictates.

Both Boards vote on matters that relate to their areas of responsibility.

The National Civil War Association uses the Accrual Method as the basis for its accounting.

NCWA Bylaws

NCWA Rules

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