Candidate Statements for the 2019 Election

For President – Jon Nickerson-Tremayne

NCWA has had a very successful year, we have increased the number of events and headed in the right direction. With the help of the membership next year can be even better. If I am re-elected I will work hard to make that happen. I urge all members to vote and take an active part in Club activities, your help is needed. I have a lot of ideas to improve the operation of our Club and bring the fun back into reenacting. Please vote for me.
Jon Nickerson-Tremayne

Vice President – Dennis (Mayne) Main

Next year will make or break the NCWA. We have, with any luck, turned a corner and are now moving forward, and not just sitting still, just trying to get through one more year.

The next year is going to be a lot of work and I will need all of your help to be fully engaged and to show up to ALL events. We have added a number of new events to the schedule and have added the ability to make money, or break even, not only with the new events but with some of our old ones as well.

New events in the past have not been well attended, but new events bring, with luck, the opportunity to recruit new members and we are in great need for members, so we all need to show up and work the crowd for new victims…er, recruits.
Everyone needs to bring any and all loaner, spare gear to events in the hope that it will get used. Jon Nickerson, with a lot of help, has been working his butt off trying to make things happen and will need even more help next year. You will need protection from Jon.
I am the man, I hope, for both jobs.
I hereby offer my intention to run for Vice President of the NCWA.

Dennis (Mayne) Main

For Secretary – Melani Van Petten

Against all odds, I am still enjoying the position of Secretary of the NCWA. My job experience and skills are well-suited to the tasks of processing memberships, taking minutes, publishing the Dispatch, creating fliers and posters, and any other forms of communication that can be devised. Andrew Crockett has recruited several of us to work on the new website, and I am looking forward to getting it up and running this year. I would very much like to continue in this position, and am looking forward
to new events and adventures in the coming year.

Melani Van Petten, Norfolk Light Artillery Blues, CSA

For Treasurer – Marcelo Potin

Please accept this as my letter of intent to run for Treasurer
Marcelo Pontin

For Federal Brigade Commander – Daniel Bishop

Dear Fellow Reenactors,
I am putting my name in for brigade commander for another year. I’ve been brigade commander for the past year and would like to continue. I am optimistic about next season and believe it will be another good year. So please remember to vote for me in the elections.
Thank you,
Col. D. Bishop

For Federal Brigade Chief of Infantry – Charles D. Kenyon

I have had the distinct pleasure to serve as your Chief of Infantry this year. It has been challenging at times and has been a real learning experience. I would like to continue in this position by your consent, and further the work we began this year. Thank you for your consideration.
Charles D. Kenyon
Sergeant Major

For Federal Brigade Sergeant Major – Cosme Munoz

To my fellow reenactors,
I am running again for Union Sergeant Major for the 2019 season so please vote for me.
I do have many years of experience.
Thank You!
Cosme Munoz

For Confederate Brigade Commander – Glenn Johnson

I’m running for the Confederate Brigade Commander.
We need to rebuild our membership. To do this we ALL need to work together.
Thank you in advance for your support.
Glenn Johnson

For Confederate Chief of Staff – Jon Nickerson-Tremayne

To my fellow corn-fed soldiers, I offer my services as your chief of staff for the up coming 2019 season. My sword is yours as always.
Jon Nickerson-Tremayne

For Civilian Corps Mayor – Lynne Ashby

To the members of the Civilian Corps:
I would like to offer my services as Mayor for the coming year. I think that the majority of you are familiar with my record of service in the N.C.W.A.-if not, I would be happy to fill you in, one-on-one. (Just ask any time.)

I now offer to serve in the capacity of Mayor, the highest office within our Civilian Corps.

I ask for your vote if you are willing to put up with me!

I remain, as always
Your servant and friend,
Lynne Ashby

For Civilian Vice Mayor – Debra Johnson

I, Debra Johnson, am running for the position of Vice-Mayor. I have served as Town Clerk for a number of years and would now like to represent the members of Civilian Town as Vice-Mayor. I will work closely with the Mayor in whatever capacity, he or she needs. Thank you for your vote.