NCWA Election Notice

Open Positions

President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Mayor, Vice Mayor, Town Clerk

Federal and Confederate Brigades: Colonel. Lieutenant Colonel, Major, Sergeant Major

All Candidate Statements, either nominations or statements of candidacy, must be submitted and received by me no later than November 1.  Any statements received after that date will not be accepted and that candidate’s name will not appear on the official ballot.

I would like to remind all incumbents who are standing for re-election that they must file a statement or their name will not appear on the ballot. These statements may be submitted by e-mail in clear text or Microsoft Word format or by U.S. mail to the following address:

Kevin Groom

8835 Kona Way

Orangevale, CA 95662

(916) 988-3307

Please send your statement formatted as you would like it printed. Excessively long statements may be edited for space.

A “Voters Guide” which will include the statements of the formal candidates will be posted on this website.

In addition to the lists of formal candidates for each position and the statements related to their candidacy, this guide will include the directions for filing your ballot.

In accordance with our Club’s rules I will be mailing ballots to all eligible club members, in early December.

This mailing will be made out individually to each eligible club member and will include the appropriate ballot(s) and the return envelope that must be used for returning the ballot(s).

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, or would like to verify the receipt of any materials.

Brigade and Unit Commanders will not know if you are eligible to vote.

Thank You,

Kevin Groom, Election Administrator