Candidate Statements for the 2020 Election

Administrative Board


I’ve always said I’m going to be the Alpha and Omega of the NCWA. I joined in the first year, and I’ll probably be around as long as the club is. And I hope we keep going for a good while longer. To this end, I’m pitching my kepi into the ring to run for President. We are going to face some challenges unique to this era, whether it’s appealing to an increasingly disengaged public, who don’t see history as relevant, the intrusion of modern political agendas, or the aging of our own membership. It’s not the same world as when the club was formed, or even when technology was a different animal.

I will remind all of you that this is your club, and I regard the President merely an administrator. I would like to serve the best interests of the club and its membership, and in that capacity I ask your vote for President and ask each and every one of you to remember that the NCWA is the legacy of us all.

Yours in history,

Jane Beckman

Hello NCWA Members

I’m submitting this to notify the club of my intent to run for the position of President for the coming term. I’ve been a member for a while now, and if you think I could do a good job for the club, I’d appreciate your consideration and votes.


Skott Borello, 9th Va. Cavalry

Vice President

None received.


Once again, I would like to apply for the position of Secretary. I feel like I am getting to know the job well, and we finally have a functioning website, which I am easily able to edit. I would like to create flyers and posters to help advertise our upcoming events and school days, as I really enjoy doing graphics, and it is clear that we need to do more to inform and attract the public, as well as prospective new members. I would also like to continue publishing The Dispatch. I am still enjoying the job, and would like to continue for another year.

Melani Van Petten, Norfolk Light Artillery Blues

Army of Northern Virginia, CSA

My official announcement

I am running for secretary of the National Civil War Association.

I will be fair in my accounting and receiving payments in any form, from any of our members, by whatever means necessary.

Jon Nickerson Tremayne


None received.


Civilian Brigade


I would like to put my name forward to serve as NCWA Civilian Corps Mayor for the 2020 season.

As recent discussions indicate, it appears that the NCWA is facing some changes in our future.  While change is seldom comfortable, we need to embrace those changes and help ‘re-create’ a new, improved and re-energized NCWA. Rather than bemoan the loss involved with change, we need to look forward and become excited about the club we are becoming.  I would like the opportunity to serve as your Mayor and help to define this organization moving forward.

Thank you for your kind consideration and support.

Lynne Ashby

Vice Mayor

I, Debra Johnson, am again running for the position of Vice-Mayor. I have served for a number of years and would like to continue to represent the members of Civilian Town as Vice-Mayor. I will work closely with the Mayor in whatever capacity, he or she needs. Thank you for your vote.

Town Clerk

I’m Susan Pfiefer and I would like to serve as Town Clerk.  I’ve been your Town Clerk for the past year and would be honored to serve again during 2020.


Federal Brigade

Brigade Commander

I wish to formally announce my candidacy for Union Brigade Commander. For the past two years I have tirelessly served this Brigade as its Chief of Infantry, and before that as the esteemed Commander of the 7th West Virginia. Though I have martyred myself dauntlessly for the cause of liberty on the field of battle countless times, and some would call me a saint, I remain just a man as flawed as the next. However, every so often destiny calls upon on us and either thrusts us into greatness or smashes our hopes and dreams upon the craggy shores of apathy and despair. Brethren, we now find ourselves at just such a juncture. I ask you to hoist me upon your shoulders and help me ascend to the highest peak, that I may reach down my hand and raise you up into the blinding light of everlasting glory! If you elect me your Brigade Commander, you shall not want for sanguinary endeavors, as we shall cut a bloody swathe across the Confederacy not seen since the days of Sherman! We few, we happy few, we band of brothers, if elected it is I that will be the lucky one, for with you at my back nothing can stand before our righteous fury, and a choir of angels will herald us from on high. As to my qualifications, I believe they speak for themselves, yet I will repeat them here for those that have not been paying attention for the past four years. Aside from my peerless battlefield acumen, the organizational skills of a British civil servant, and generally gregarious nature, I believe it is my award-winning smile, that permits me to properly gloat, that most qualifies me for command. I thank you now for taking the time to read what should be starkly apparent to all but the thickest duffer: we have officially reached the bottom of the barrel.

In all seriousness, its been a great couple of years serving on your brigade staff working with Dan and Cosme. Dave, Logan, and Marcelo have made my job very easy the last two seasons, which is more a testament to them than me, and for which I heartily thank them for. Finally, the enlisted men, such as we have, are some of the most knowledgeable and dedicated re-enactors I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. Now I ask you to elect me and with you as a solid base we will rebuild this brigade and restore some of the former glory. Thank you for your consideration.

Your most humble servant,

Charles D. Kenyon, Major, NCWA Union Brigade

Chief of Staff

None received.

Chief of Infantry

None received.

Sergeant Major

None received.


Confederate Brigade


In great hope and pride, I am asking to be your next confederate commander.

Jon Nickerson Tremayne

Lieutenant Colonel

None received.


None received.

Sergeant Major

None received.