Rebs at DM

Founded in 1983, the National Civil War Association, Inc. is the second oldest continuously existing Civil War reenacting organization in Northern California after the Civil War Reenactors Society.  The NCWA was a pioneer in the integration of Union, Confederate, and Civilian impressions into one reenacting organization.

Many of the Civil War reenactments in Northern California were created by NCWA members. In its 34 years of existence, the NCWA has seen the creation of other groups that budded off of it.

Heading into its future, the National Civil War Association continues to create new possibilities in Living History. From exploring the previously ignored events that took place in California  during the Civil War, to looking at the roles of Californios, Women, Chinese-American Soldiers, and the complexity of African-American experiences in the midst of War. The National Civil War Association seeks to explore the myriad of historical narratives tied up in the American Civil War, and to bring those narratives to life for the education of all Americans and Californians.

Photograph by Midirise Arnold

1 thought on “HISTORY”

  1. I have learned a lot while being a member of the organization for the past 30 years. New friends and experiences have kept the interest level up while recreating moments in time.


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