Membership in the National Civil War Association is open to anyone regardless of  Age, Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Orientation, Disability, Political Beliefs, Religious Preference, or National Origin.

A special note from the NCWA’s High School Intern


I am a lot like you. I like to hang out with my friends, and I like to go shopping after school and on weekends. I also like to re-enact the American Civil War and fire cannons!

I did not always re-enact though. It began when I started High School, and I always needed community service hours, and I had no idea how I was going to get any. I could have done something around town like shelve books at the library or wash dishes at a soup kitchen, but I really wanted to mix up my community service hours with my love of American History.

I then discovered the National Civil War Association anf got real big into helping them at their re-enactments during the weekends, and became an intern for them during my summer vacations.

It would be pretty cool if you could join the NCWA. It’s always fun when other High School Students show up, and we can hang out, teach people about history, and go to the 19th Century style dances!

If you join the Federal(Union) side, we can pretend to hate each other, and then be friends again right after the battle! I have made a lot of friends here and really enjoy going to events that the NCWA works hard to put on.

As someone in the NCWA once told me, “Your life is better when you understand how things have become the way they are. There is no better way to achieve that understanding than the direct experience of re-enacting and living history.” In other words re-enacting is fun, you will have an awesome time, and everyone from the NCWA would like to have you join us in re-enacting the American Civil War.


Ms. Savanna Mae Leckemby
Aka Savanna James, Norfolk Light Artillery Blues, CSA

The NCWA would like to congratulate Savanna on her receiving the Provost’s Scholarship to Hofstra University.

There are many benefits to joining the NCWA and becoming a re-enactor, both for yourself, and your parents.

These include: Earning community service hours for High School graduation. Looks great on college and job applications. Teaches public speaking and critical think skills. Understand the event that created modern America & California. Internship and leadership opportunities available. Almost all expenses related to re-enacting are deductible on your parents tax returns (a good thing).

A Special Note To Parents

The National Civil War Association prides itself on being a family friendly environment.  Many families participate together, and many young adults safely and comfortably attend events in the company of temporary guardians.

We have recently entered into an agreement with the Silicon Valley-Monterey Bay Council of the Boy Scouts of America to create Civil War themed Venturing Crews.  Both young men and women may participate.

The NCWA has as part of its membership policy the opportunity for individuals and families who have never reenacted to attend one event as members for free.

The NCWA and other California re-enacting organizations use the safety rules of the Pacific Area Civil War Re-enactors, or PACWR.  PACWR safety rules reflect decades of experience in re-enacting.  All participants at our events, whether they portray military or civilian, abide by, and are tested on these rules.  A link to these rules can be found under the MEMBERSHIP menu.

Brigades, Corps, and Units

When anyone joins the NCWA they join a specific unit within one of our three divisions: The Union and Confederate Brigades portray the soldier’s experience – infantry, cavalry, artillery, sharpshooters, navy, marines, and medicine – and you can start participating with them at age 15. The Civilian Corps portray the activities and labor experiences of those supporting the war effort.

All units are based on Civil War life in the Eastern Theater – where the fate of our nation was determined. For our Pacific Theater impression, our units adapt their portrayals to focus on the events that shaped the fate of California in the Civil War.

Descriptions of the Brigades, Corps, and Units can be found under the UNITS menu.

How To Join

If you want to join the NCWA in it’s mission to “keep history alive by living it!” Follow the steps below.

1. Get your parents permission to join.

2. Find a unit you want join, either by coming to an event and interviewing different units to find one you like, or after viewing the list on our UNITS page, filling out the contact form below. A member of the NCWA will contact you and your to go over the units, and put you in touch with the ones you are interested in.

3. Fill out the Minor Student with Supporting Parent Membership Form. If you will be attending an event in the company of an adult other than your parent, then your parents must fill out the Assignment of Temporary Guardianship Form included in the membership form.  Remember you and your family may attend one event free as temporary members if you are new to reenacting.  This would be a good opportunity for both yourself and your parents to see if reenacting is right for you.

4. Get your new unit head to sign the applications, one for yourself, and one for your parent or legal guardian. At this time you should submit your PACWR safety test.

5. Submit the applications to the NCWA Secretary, either at an event or to our corporate mailing address. You can also scan it and submit it as a PDF to

6. Attend NCWA events and enjoy!

Click here for the Minor Student Membership form

Click here for the Assignment of Temporary Guardianship form

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