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On February 27th, The NCWA gave a presentation to 420 8th Grade students at Bernal Intermediate School in San Jose, Ca.  NCWA members Richard Henkus, Melani Van Petten, Bill Ashby, Jr., Jane Beckman, Andrew Crockett, and Scott Spence gave presentations on Women in the Civil War, Californio and Chinese Soldiers, the role of San Jose in supplying Mercury to the Union War Effort, and the kit and uniform of a soldier.  The students were also drilled in the Manual-Of-Arms and the positions and procedures of a Cannon Crew.  Click here for a photo gallery of the event.


The NCWA is pleased to announce that Savanna Mae Leckembey is the recipient of the 2015 Donald K Manns Memorial Scholarship.  For more information go to the Scholarship Page under Donate.

Congratulations to Jane Beckman and Andrew Crockett for winning the NCWA Quilt Raffle.  They are now the owners of a beautiful quilt handmade by the talented seamstresses of the NCWA.  Over $600 were raised for the Scholarship Fund which is now fully funded for the next two years.


On December 6th, members of the NCWA won Best Out Of Town contingent at the 2014 Woodland Holiday Parade.  Our congratulations to all those who participated in the parade, and our many thanks to Cosme Munoz for organizing our appearance there!

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