Jon Nickerson-Tremayne, Confederate Colonel

For questions about the Confederate Corps, please email him at

The Confederate Forces were composed of infantry, cavalry, artillery and other units. Even more decentralized than the North, the South had no standing army at the outbreak of the War, and was much more reliant on the State governments for troops.

In the NCWA, the Confederate Army is represented by:

12th Virginia Infantry: Affiliated with Longstreet’s Corps, the 12th Virginia was originally part of a militia unit based in Richmond and Petersburg, Virginia. Known as the “Richmond Grays”; Company G was originally Company A 1st Virgina but in 1861 they were transfered to the 4th Infantry division which became the 12th Virginia. The 12th was one of the military units to quickly come to the defense of Virginia in 1861 when called upon.

Norfolk Light Artillery Blues: Supported units in both the famous A.P. Hill light division as well as General Longstreet’s division, and fought in virtually every major engagement in Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia during the Civil War.

James River Squadron: Representing the Confederate Navy, these Sailors and Marines, all experienced artillery gunners, show how troops were brought to the battle from any quarter to defend the Bonnie Blue Flag.

9th Virginia Cavalry: From Caroline County, Virginia, The Caroline Light Dragoons were organized in 1859. By special order on December 18, 1861, they became Company B, 9th Virginia Cavalry. With W.H.F. “Rooney” Lee as regimental commander, the 9th was often the lead regiment for JEB Stuart’s famous cavalry and served the Army of Northern Virginia throughout the war. This expert group of cavalry represents some of the South’s finest horsemen.

15th Alabama Regimental Hospital: Field hospital services were provided for the wounded by the doctors, nurses, and stretcher bearers of this organization.

Photograph by Randy Martin.


  1. Hello, I am interested in starting a Confederate mounted unit. Could you please let me know the process? Thank you for your help.
    Thomas Stein


    1. Hello Mr. Stein,

      To start a new unit in the NCWA you must come and give a presentation to the NCWA Unit Board. This Unit Board has final say on accuracy of impression, authorizing new groups, safety rules, etc. It is composed of one representative from each of the units in the NCWA.

      The next meeting will be the Saturday, July 9th at 11:30am at the Round Table Pizza on Southhampton in Benicia, Ca.

      For the first year of your unit’s existence it will be mentored by another unit. This is to give you both and feedback to recruit, organize, and assemble you group. As you wish to do mounted cavalry you should probably be mentored by the 9th VA Cavalry, led by Skott Borello.

      Once your new unit has passed its first year successfully a vote will be taken to authorize it as a fully independent unit of the NCWA. This will allow you to have a vote on the unit board among other things.

      I have cc’d Mr. Borello, as well as Dennis Main, our current Confederate Brigade Commander.

      Best of luck to you in your enterprise. We have recently seen an upsurge in the creation of new units, but yours is the first new cavalry unit proposed.

      Please contact Skott, Dennis, or myself if you have any questions.

      In Service,
      Scott Spence
      NCWA President


    2. Hello Thomas,
      My name is Joe Cedillo. I am a sergeant of the 9th Virginia Cavalry. Our commander is Capt. Skott Borello. We would be so happy to have you join our ranks. We have mounted and dismounted members in our unit. If you don’t have gear we have plenty of loaner equipment you can borrow for an event. Our next event is at Angel Island and following that is Tres Pinos. Check the event pages for upcoming events. Skott or myself would be happy to hear from you. You may contact me @ for more questions.


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