National Civil War Association events are listed as larger headings.  The NCWA has reciprocal attendance arrangements with the organizations listed as well.

Featured Image Courtesy of Howard Gold.


Generally speaking the NCWA does not allow dogs at our events. If you absolutely must bring your dog for whatever reason, there is a procedure for doing so. First, you must get the approval of your branch commander – Union Colonel, Confederate Colonel, or Civilian Mayor. You must also get the approval of the entire Admin Board – President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. This must be done PRIOR TO THE EVENT. If this has not been done, the dog WILL NOT BE ALLOWED AT THE EVENT. Any dogs attending NCWA events must be kept under control at all times. Nobody wants their gear to be chewed up or have a leg lifted on it, and nobody wants to step in an unexpected surprise. If you show up with a dog and have not gone through the above procedure, you and your dog will be asked to leave.

NCWA Rules, page 27:

ANIMALS:  Members, guest participants, and spectators are not allowed to have dogs at NCWA controlled events. The only animals allowed are horses, mules, oxen and fowl; approved by the Branch Commanders prior to the event and safety tested, if appropriate. Any exceptions must be approved by the Branch Commanders and the Administrative Board prior to the event.

Rowland Freedom Museum Presentation Ceremony

February 25, 2023

Information will be posted as it becomes available.

Knight’s Ferry – March 24, 25, & 26, 2023


Mariposa – April 21, 22, & 23, 2023


Red Bluff ( was Dog Island, now moved ) – April 28, 29, & 30, 2023


Mahon Ranch – Elk Grove, CA – May 5, 6, & 7, 2023 

Coordinator, Skott Borello – 530-886-8822

Join us again at this wonderful site for our first fight of the year.     

The Battle of Cottonwood Creek at Stone Ranch – Esparto, CA – June 2, 3, & 4, 2023

Watch the Rebs and Yanks go at it among the rolling hills of this beautiful site. 

Graeagle, CA – Plumas County – July 1-4


Duncan’s Mills Civil War Days – Duncan’s Mills, CA – July 21, 22, & 23, 2023


This event has been CANCELLED due to uncertainty over the repair of Freeze Out Road and access to the site.

San Benito County Historical Park – Tres Piños, CA – September 15, 16, & 17, 2023

When the Yankees capture the town of Three Pines, the Rebs are ready to take it back! 

Hawes Ranch – Redding, CA – September, 2023 – exact dates to come


Second Cottonwood Creek at Stone Ranch – October 6, 7, & 8, 2023

The Rebs and Yanks are at it again! Who will come out on top this time?

Other possible events for 2023:

Artillery Training Camp – NCWA

Kennedy Gold Mine – Jackson, CA – ACWA

Graeagle, CA – RACW

More information will be posted as soon as it becomes available.

4 thoughts on “EVENT CALENDAR”

  1. your website here does not allow me to look for information on the Knights Ferry Re-enactment.

    Can someone inform me where I can find out battle times for both days, when the camps are open, etc.


    1. That information is not available until you arrive at the site. It is usually decided upon by the Brigade Commanders on the first day and then dispersed to the individual units.


  2. Since we know the address of most of these events, it would be nice to list the address so people can find the location.


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