Charles Kenyon, Union Colonel

He can be reached at outsdrs777@aol.com

In the NCWA the Union Army is represented by:

1st US Sharpshooters: One of the regiments of the famous Berdan units, clad in distinctive green uniforms. This was an elite group of marksmen.  To contact, please email Dave Rogers at dwrog@aol.com

7th West Virginia: Nicknamed the “Bloody Seventh,” it fought in more battles and suffered more losses than any other regiment from West Virginia during the Civil War.  For information on the 7th and how to join CLICK HERE

69th New York Volunteer Infantry: Part of the famed “Irish Brigade” that was composed largely of immigrants who came to the defense of their adopted land.

71st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry: Formed by recent emigres to California that returned to their home state of Pennsylvania to fight for the Union.  To join please contact Jef Polder at 707-678-8785 or polderjg@aol.com

The Federal Artillery Reserve: Headquartered at the Presidio of San Francisco at the outbreak of the War, Lincoln had this “regular army” unit moved east for the war effort.

2nd Massachusetts Volunteer Cavalry: Actually raised in California, this unit was nicknamed the “California Hundred” as it represented one hundred Californians that volunteered for duty in the Eastern Theater.

United States Army Medical Service: This organization provided medical facilities, surgeons and nursing care for the Union Army. Also represented is the United States Sanitary Commission, a civilian relief agency which provided comforts to the soldiers.

79th New York “Highlanders”:  A Regiment made up primarily of Scottish immigrants.  The 79th is the most recently created unit of the NCWA, and also doubles as the 11th Georgia of the NCWA’s Confederate Corp.

Photograph by Katie Fiffick.

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