Lynne 1

Lynne Ashby, Civilian Mayor

The Civil War took a toll on the Civilian population. But many continued “life as normal” as much as was possible during the conflict. Our Civilian branch reflects many of the professions as well as everyday life. The Ladies Aid Societies also reflect the various contributions and sacrifices made for our brave men.

Working Women’s Guild & Sons

Midirise and Friends

This unit portrays the life of the women attached to military units who performed many important logistical tasks in support of the war effort for both the Union and the Confederacy. These women frequently were married to one of the soldiers in the units to which they were attached. And as many of these women did not have people to look after their children at home, their children were in tow, hence the “& Sons.” They primarily provided laundry services, prepared cooked food (a luxury for soldiers on the campaign trail), and sold basic provisions that the army did not provide.

For more information, contact Midirise Arnold at

Trades and Professions Guild

Towns Persons


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