The National Civil War Association, Inc. is an all-volunteer 501c3 educational corporation dedicated to teaching the public about the American Civil War, 1861-1865, and its impact on American and California history.

Membership in the NCWA is open to all persons regardless of experience level, gender, race, ethnicity, creed, political beliefs, orientation, or national origin.

The only requirements are that you love American and Civil War history, have a desire to learn, and are willing to abide by the safety rules of PACWR, the Pacific Area Civil War Reenactors.

Individuals, Couples, and Families new to reenacting are eligible to attend their first event as members for free.  You must contact us ahead of time in order to do this as you must complete a safety test.  We also need to assign you to an individual or unit that can guide you on what you need to know.

As a 501c3 educational corporation, most of your expenses relating to reenacting are tax deductible.

To join the NCWA just follow these steps.

1) Find a Unit you would like to join, either at one of the events we attend or through our UNITS page.  If you would like to contact them, please use the form on that page.

2) Obtain permission to join that UNIT.

3) Fill out your membership form and pay your dues.  Membership forms can be turned in at events or mailed to:

NCWA Secretary

1896 Rankin Drive, Carson City, NV 89701

4) Take the PACWR Safety Test.

5) Come to events and reenact!

Current Membership Rates for 2022

One Event only for New Reenactor: Free

Discount for New Members: $10 off Annual Fee

Individual Annual Membership: $30

Student Annual Membership: $20

Current Military: Free

Couple and Family Annual Membership: $45

Minor Student w/Supporting Parent: $20 (Minor Students should first contact us via form on UNITS page.  The Membership Form includes a copy of the Temporary Guardianship form.  This is located in the Links below)

Supporting Membership: $20

Please mail all membership forms to:

NCWA Secretary

1896 Rankin Drive, Carson City, NV 89701

Links to Membership Forms

Form 100 – Individual

Form 200 – Couple and Family

Form 300 – Supporting

Form 400 – Minor Student with Supporting Parent

NCWA Assignment of Temporary Guardianship Form

Unit Transfer Form

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  1. We are in San Diego and would like to locate a reenactment group in this area. Would you know where we might find this information?


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